Unifying Entertainment Properties and Brands

As the matchmaker of Hollywood and Madison Avenue, our creative staff is exceedingly responsive to the marketing and image needs of the brand. We operate by working closely with the producers, writers, directors, and actors to ensure that brand integrations are carried out integrally with precision.

What We Do

We work directly with national and international brands who are seeking to seamlessly integrate themselves into popular culture.


BiE works to build your specific brand objectives seamlessly into the entertainment properties which are targeted to your intended audience.


BiE has long term relationships with the owners and managers of major brands, which gives us entre to their budgets and brand objectives. Having relationships with every major advertising firm in the U.S. and abroad gives us access to literally thousands of brands with annual line item budgets allotted for branding.


Come check out our blog and see everything that goes into what we do and the entertainment business as a whole.


Pure Country 2 Movie Poster: George Strait, Dean Cain, William Katt
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Movie Gross: $200K

Lone Survivor Official Trailer - Feature Film - Past Client - Product Integration - Mark Wahlberg
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Movie Gross: $125.1M

Weeds TV Show Trailer - Past Client - Product Integration
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TV (2005 – 2012)

The Dead Zone Trailer (TV) - Past Client - Product Integration
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TV (2002 – 2007)

Build Your Brand

Work with us on theatrical movies, television, music, news, sports, gaming, internet, social media and live events, plus many other opportunities. We view product integration not only as a means of direct response selling, but also as a novel way to build your brand.

What people say about us

Comments and reviews from some of our partnerships.

“Rolfe is wonderful to work with. He goes above and beyond and is determined to take care of his clients while ensuring that any entertainment project he is associated with is a success. I am thrilled to have had the pleasure to work with Rolfe and Brand-In Entertainment and hope there are many more projects to come”
Rebecca Foss
Marketing - GEICO
“The Phoenix New Times reports on a new study today that has found that subliminal advertising through product placement in movies is becoming more effective than ever. The Arizona State University study says there is a correlation between a product successfully placed in a feature film and the product maker's stock price. The Department of Research and Economic Affairs at Arizona State University commissioned the study by Michael Wiles, an assistant professor of marketing at ASU. Wiles says companies have taken notice of the boost in share price once a product is successfully placed and are increasing spending on strategic product placement.”
"Brand integration is desirable because weaving a product or service into the content of a show guarantees the ad won’t be skipped. The message then lives with the content…”
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