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A New Era of Advertisement and Entertainment

Our relationships give BiE the unique opportunity to suitably match a product with an entertainment property that best fits the brands’ and producers’ objectives.

About BiE

BiE is the premiere brand integration firm. Based in Los Angeles, California, we work directly with national and international brands who are seeking to seamlessly integrate themselves into popular culture. BiE is the matchmaker of Hollywood and Madison Avenue, unifying entertainment properties and brands. Working with one foot in each industry, our creative staff is exceedingly responsive to the marketing and image needs of the brand as we working closely with the producers, writers, directors, and actors to ensure that brand integrations are carried out with precision. Respectively, BiE is sensitive to the creative integrity of the filmmaker/content producer and seeks to create brand integrations best suited for the storyline. In combination, we introduce the new era of advertisement and entertainment!

With over 40 years of advertising experience, BiE has cultivated relationships with every major advertising firm in the U.S. and abroad, which gives us access to literally thousands of brands. Correspondingly, we have worked with nearly every major studio, record company and independent production company in Hollywood, giving us exclusive access to hundreds of scripts and entertainment projects annually that are seeking secondary funding for their production and distribution. These relationships give BiE the unique opportunity to suitably match a product with an entertainment property that best fits the brands’ and producers’ objectives.


Brand integration is the process of building a brand into an entertainment property in a way that creates a direct interactive experience between the product and the characters or audience. Brand integration is not product placement (when a product is planted somewhere in a scene, usually the background). Brand integration is as old as Hollywood itself and its showcase to the consumer market is extremely effective. Evidence of this can be traced back to the immediate spike of sales of Ace Combs after audiences saw James Dean sweep one of their combs through his hair in “Rebel without a Cause.” Another instance of product integration success was when consumers snapped up Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses after seeing Tom Cruise don a pair in “Risky Business” during his infamous solo dance scene. BiE is proud to be on the forefront in branding, utilizing emerging technologies and forward-thinking entertainment properties to provide our clients with expert branding opportunities!


Entertainment properties are created with the specific goal of attracting and retaining an audience, allowing brands to communicate more complex messages in an entertaining format.


We assist producers in creating new revenue streams using advertising dollars by building brand messages organically into the existing storyline or show structure.



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