Understanding the brand attributes of our clients allows us to distribute messages 360 degrees across all forms of media in a creative method, not usually realized in the traditional 30 second spot.


Brand Integration is undoubtedly the wave of the future. According to studies released by PQ Media, branded entertainment expanded from $3.5 billion in 2004 to $22.3 billion in 2007. This same study projected 2012 to exceed $40 billion. The effectiveness of traditional forms of advertising is eroding with the advent of new technologies such as DVR, online streaming, and new media choices for viewers including interactive mobile content and video sharing sites such as YouTube or Joost. In December 2007, internet users watched more than 10 billion videos online, up 34% from January 2007, according to ComScore. As of October 2008, 13.5 billion videos were watched online- a 45% rise from the previous year. The availability of super high speed broadband (e.g. Comcast’s DOCSIS 3, Verizon Fios) along with more HD video content will drive more people to consume more videos online. These new mediums allow brand messages to be more stimulating, more sophisticated, and more widely distributed.

BiE builds products/brands into entertainment properties of all mediums including theatrical movies, TV movies, TV series (scripted and non-scripted), novels, graphic novels, music videos, music tours, video games, online games, Broadway/theatre, news, original web content, and client originated programming. Our Creative Staff is exceedingly responsive to the marketing and image needs of each brand. We work diligently with producers, writers, directors, actors, ad agencies and brand managers, assuring unique brand integrations are carried out with precision and often visible increase in ROI. BiE is able to work directly with brands to ensure the integration properly aligns with the brand objectives. We match these objectives with projects that naturally align themselves with your target audience. Understanding the brand attributes of our clients allows us to distribute messages 360 degrees across all forms of media in a creative method not usually realized in the traditional 30 second spot.

BiE is paid by networks, studios and production companies, not the advertisers. Therefore, as an advertiser, your brand only commits resources to the projects in which you choose to be featured. BiE will work to build your specific brand objectives seamlessly into the entertainment properties which are targeted to your intended audience. Data and analytics can also be provided to determine the success/ROI of any given integration, as well utilize “listening technologies” to discover what viewers are saying about your brand. Pricing is determined by the size of distribution and the amount of time your product or service is featured within the content. Brand integration within a series, film, song, webisode or any entertainment medium breaks through to the TiVo/DVR generation because the integration cannot be TiVoed out!

Entertainment properties are created with the specific goal of attracting and retaining an audience, allowing brands to communicate more complex messages in an entertaining format. We assist advertisers in developing their own entertainment based content creating customized audiences for marketing communications. BiE is consistently ahead of the curve, harnessing emerging technologies and forward-thinking entertainment properties to give our clients the branding advantage in this new frontier in product integration.

people talk

We like to let our services and integrations speak for themselves, but take a look below and see what our past partners have to say.

We are extremely happy with the efforts of BiE on our behalf. We are working with BiE on DR spot integration into Theatrical Movies, Television and Live Events. We view Product Integration not only as a means of direct response selling, but as a novel way to build the Kymaro Brand."
BJ Fazeli - BJ Direct, Global Direct,, Kymaro
BJ Fazeli
Founder & President: BJ Direct, Global Direct, Kymaro
BiE and Embassy Suites seamlessly integrated Embassy Suites Brand Objectives into one of the most watched episodes of The Apprentice. With the episode challenge to redesign the Embassy Suites staff uniforms as part of a larger rebranding effort by Embassy Suites, BiE was able to capture precisely the image Embassy Suites wished to portray. BiE even arranged for Ivanka Trump to visit our hotel for the night of the showing and the integration proved to have a positive impact on the brand nationally.”
John Lee, Vice President Brand Marketing Embassy Suites
John Lee
Vice President Brand Marketing Embassy Suites
Rolfe, Our partnership with BiE in 'SHRINK' allowed Panasonic Toughbook to convey their ideal branding message. The exposure was really tailored for Toughbook."
Jenny Turnbull - The Placement Agency Owner
Jenny Turnbull
Owner, The Placement Agency
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